The more relevant information your company posses the more probabilities it will have to successfully accomplish its goals. Market research can focus on many different aspects such as consumer's behavior, competition, market acceptance of new products and services, strategic analysis, comparative studies among industry practices, among others.


-  Competition / industry analysis


-  Benchmarking


-  Consumer behavior



What are AM's OffShore services? 




















Discover tendencies and take advantage of business opportunities locally or within AM's international network.  






Our organization focuses on enhancing the amount and quality of market information needed by our clients in order to leverage and grow their local and international investments.


Are you considering investing in these countries? 


Do you whish to form a new company, division or establish new partners within these markets?


Do you whish to understand the role of power within a specific industry?

AM Management's OffShore line of services is particularly addressed to entrepreneurs and companies that wish to obtain strategic market information from English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish speaking countries in order to develop international business activities.

Our market research division extracts the relevant information that generates from daily industry and cross-industry market activities, organize it and analyze it for you!



A personalized approach to research design. 


Well rounded to specifically aimed market research. 


Contact us to receive a research design proposal free of charge.


We cover English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Danish speaking markets.


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